Apple offers students free iPod Touch with Mac purchase!

Apple has found a new way to quietly promote the updated consumer friendly MacBook. It announced on Wednesday and launched an iPod Touch promotion targeting the student fraternity. This promotion aims at offering iPod Touch with every purchase of Macbook. With this promotion, students, staff members, and faculty of educational institutions can buy Macbook, Macbook Air, MacBook Pro or an iMac and get a free iPod Touch! Besides that the students and educators would be able to see if they qualify for additional savings through Apple’s education store.

This promotion is expected to increase the sales of the updated Macbook and at the same time promote the latest wizard of music – iPod Touch. The iPod Touch has already gained popularity among music lovers for its flexibility, stability and wonderful ergonomics which enable music lovers to do variant things in it – listen to music, download music on it and also play mind blowing games.

There is a bit of a catch. Actually you have to buy the buy the iPod Touch at the same time when you buy the Apple Macbook to qualify for a rebate! After the purchase you need to fill out rebate online and wait for the money that would come from Apple. To qualify for the promotion you need to be a student or employee of any K-12 or higher education institution/university. It is said that even parents of high education students are also eligible for the promotion. If you wish to learn about the promotion and terms and condition of the free iPod Touch with Macbook you have to log into the site of Apple and find out more information on it. The promotion of this iPod Touch with Macbook will end by September 8 and the rebates must be submitted by at best October 9 to get the benefits. Rebates submitted hereafter will not be entertained.

Apple has a good history of offering such offers to educational customers – students, employees of educational institutions. Previously they had programs of discounts, incentives and other offers for students especially for school students. Bu this time they have extended the offer to even parents of students and even mere employees of such institutions. This promotion is expected to increase the sales of MacBook and at the same time the iPod Touch too.

Those who wish to have MacBook as well as iPod Touch can now utilize the promotion and get rebate at the buy. Grab the opportunity and get your both needs at the price of Macbook only!

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  1. Just bought the Mac Book Pro today.
    Got free iPod Touch and a free printer. Pretty sweet…

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