Apple iPad Makes Up 82 Percent of US tablet PC Market

We are all aware of the huge success of the Apple iPad tablet PC device and since it was released last year, Apple has released the iPad 2, the next generation of the device. Despite many other manufacturers attempting to get in on a piece of the action with the tablet PC market, new research has confirmed that Apple still has a huge edge over the competition as they currently have a staggering 82 percent of the US tablet PC market share.

The research into the market was conducted by the market research firm; Neilson in Spring of 2011. Their aim was to find the impact that tablet computers are having on the more traditional computing systems such as desktop computers and laptops. During their research, they found that around 35 percent of tablet owners in the United States said that since buying their tablet PC, they used their desktop computer a lot less and some even said that they didn’t use it at all.

As well as this, around 32 percent of people that had purchased tablet PC’s such as the iPad admitted that they also used their laptops much less or even not at all. The survey also found that people who owned e-readers had used their devices less or not at all since purchasing a tablet PC. Around three quarters of the people surveyed said that they now used their tablet PC to perform actions that they previously used their laptops or desktops for.

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