iPod Touch Has 40 Percent of iOS4 Sales

A recent study has found that the iPod Touch actually has 40 percent of all the iOS4 sales. The iOS4 operating system has recently been released by Apple and runs on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices. Although most of the time the Apple iPhone gets all the praise, it seems that the iPod Touch makes up most of the share of the iOS4 users.

Although the iPhone is still the leader of the iOS4 operating system, the iPod Touch seems to make up a bigger percentage that n you might imagine. Since the release of the devices, Apple has shipped around 120 Million devices that run iOS4. Of course, as you would expect, the largest number of these were iPhone devices of which Apple has shipped around 70 Million of in their lifetime.  At the moment, the iPod Touch is a close second to the iPhone and it is estimated to have around a 40 percent share of all the iOS4 devices. Aside form the iPhone and iPod Touch, the only other device which actually runs iOS4 is the iPad device which has only just been released a few months ago. Apple is estimated to have shipped around 3.2 million of these devices which gives them the lowest iOS4 share.

With the release of the revamped iPod Touch by Apple earlier this week, this number is expected to increase as more people flock to buy the new device.

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