Apple Releases New iMac Computers with Sandy Bridge

The Apple iMac is one of the most successful computers that Apple currently sells and over the past few years since its original release, the computer has undergone a series of changes and innovations from Apple. Today, Apple launched a revamped version of the iMac computer that features the new Intel Quad Core Sandy Bridge processors as well as other new technology that Apple is keen to implement.

There has been rumour for a while that Apple was planning to release these new Sandy Bridge powered iMacs and now they finally have. The new iMacs are available in either the 21.5 inch display or 27 inch display and are now available both in stores and online. The computers are also fitted with discrete graphics cards and contain 4GB of RAM. The new iMacs can be purchased with the Intel i5 or i7 processor that is built on the Sandy Bridge system.

As well as the implementation of the new Sandy Bridge processors, Apple has also added the Thunderbolt port to the iMac’s which is a new standard in data transfer technology. Apple previously added this to their line of Macbook Pro devices earlier in the year as well.

Both models of the new iMacs feature webcams that allow FaceTime video calling and all of the other features that were previously on the old versions of the iMac computers.

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