iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps used more than TV

It might seem like it wouldn’t be possible, but new research has found that the daily audience for people that are using iOS devices including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch device is actually bigger than the audience for many of the top TV shows. New research that has been carried out by a company called Flurry has claimed that the daily audience for the iOS devices in the US is actually larger than those that watch many popular TV shows.

The research that was carried out showed that an average of 19 million users per day will be using one of the iOS devices including an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and on average, they will spend around 22 minutes using different apps. These statistics mean that the audience for the iOS devices are actually larger than the audience for a number of popular US TV shows including Saturday Night Live. These statistics have also shown that the daily iOS device users are only around 4 million users short of beating America’s most popular entertainment show at the moment; American Idol.

It is absolutely astonishing when you really think about these figures and the fact that Apple only launched their app store just a couple of years ago back in 2008. The fact that app usage is already even close to comparable with TV usage is a huge achievement in itself and one that is expected to grow even more over the coming years.

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