Channel 4 on Demand Comes to Apple iPad

Television on demand has become big business all around the world and with the invention of websites such as YouTube, it has made this extremely easy to do on most computers. However, with most TV channels that are well known now allowing users to access content on their computers, there are very few that allow access on mobile devices. Now, Channel 4 in the UK has released a version of its Channel 4 on Demand service for the Apple iPad.

The Channel 4 on Demand service will join a range of others in the UK including the BBC iPlayer service and more. The app will allow users of the iPad to catch up on recent programming on Channel 4 as well as E4 and More 4 channels. There will also be archived shows available on the device for people to access any time they like.

Channel 4 has said that although the app is currently completely free of charge to download through the iTunes app store, they will only allow the app to be free for a limited time only. Currently the app is supported by advertising which means that users will have to view a 60 second ad before watching their desired programme.

There are also plans to bring the 4OD service to the Xbox console as well as many other devices over the coming months.

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