Google Aims to Compete with Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is one of the most revolutionary inventions that has been created in the recent years and ever since Apple actually announced the release of the device, many other competitors have been quick to come up with devices of their own in order to compete with the device. Now, it seems that it is the internet giant; Google’s turn to do this and they have unveiled an operating system that they have created specifically for a tablet PC device leading to a theory that Google is planning to compete with the Apple iPad.

There was a huge amount of sales for Apple last year for their iPad device and they have actually sold more than 15 million of the devices since they were first launched. Google has now come up with an operating system that they are calling Honeycomb and it has been specially optimised for use on tablet devices.

There are many features in the operating system such as being able to buy applications in a similar way to the app store as well as being able to host a video chat. It is expected that Google will start rolling out this product after the initial testing stages and there is a possibility that Google will opt for a similar system as they have with their Android operating system in which it is used on a wide variety of different devices.

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