Apple iPad 2 Carbon Fibre Design Revealed

As you all will probably already have hard, Apple is rumoured to be releasing the next version of the Apple iPad device in early January of 2011.However, there is now word that Apple has filed a patent for the Apple iPad device that will allow them to make the shell of the device out of carbon fibre. Although this patent has been filed however, there is no evidence that the next model of the iPad will have the carbon fibre body and it is thought that it will be used on a future version of the device.

Currently, the Apple iPad is made out of aluminium which seems to be doing the job well. However, making the shell out of carbon fibre will have many advantages for the users of the iPad, one of the main benefits being that the iPad will actually be a lot lighter and will also be stronger. As well as this, a carbon fibre case will mean that the iPad is actually able to get a better signal of both Wi-Fi and carrier signals allowing users to use the internet on the device much more easily. 

The US Patent and Trademark office has said that the patent will not be passed in time for the expected release of the next version of the iPad in early 2011, therefore, they expect the next release of the iPad to have the same aluminium body that the current version has.

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