Apple iPad 2 on Sale Today

Following the release of the original iPad from Apple last year, they have now created the fantastic iPad 2 device which is packed with new features. Apple announced the release of the device last week at an event in San Francisco and today, it officially goes on sale in the United States.

Apple’s iPad 2 device will go on sale from around 10:00pm UK time in the United States today and they are expected to shift a whole load of the devices over the weekend. On the day that the original iPad was launched last year, Apple actually sold a staggering 300,000 units and it is expected to be even higher for the iPad 2 device. Apple is expecting to sell around 500,000 over the weekend which will more than easily beat their previous sales of the original iPad.

The Apple iPad 2 is a lot slimmer and a lot faster than the original iPad and it also comes with some fantastic new feature such as the cameras built in for video calling. As well as this, the graphics are said to be up to 9 times as fast and Apple have also invented a fantastic screen cover for the device which attaches using magnets. Many other competitors are planning the release of similar devices soon although it is expected that the iPad 2 will still maintain its dominant market position over the next year.

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