Apple Delays Launch of iPad 2 in Japan

Apple has announced that they will have to delay the launch of the iPad 2 device in Japan following the recent economic situation in the country. Japan is currently struggling to recover from the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit the country on Friday of last week and this has had a devastating effect on their economy too. The iPad was originally due to be launched in Japan on March 25 but now Apple has said that this will be delayed.

Apple is one of many technology firms that are facing problems after the earthquake in Japan as many companies rely on factories in the country in order to supply parts for their devices. At the moment, many of the factories in Japan have been closed down following damage from the recent disaster.

An Apple spokesperson explained that despite many other companies having supply problems because of the disaster in Japan, Apple is not one of these companies and that the delay is completely unrelated. However, she did not go on to explain what the reason for the delay actually was.

Apple has actually been using their iTunes service in order to help the victims in Japan and they have said that 100% of the proceeds will go towards the American Red Cross charity. Other companies including Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba have been forced to halt production of many of their products.

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