Apple Explains iPhone 4 White Delay

The Apple iPhone 4 is one of the most well known and most sought after phones in the world at the moment but for around 9 months now since it was released, Apple have still not released the phone in the colour white. Up until now, there have been many speculations as to why this might be but Apple has not given any official word. However, today Apple announced the reason behind the delay of the phone as being down to UV protection.

Apple has said that the white iPhone 4 has been delayed because of the lack of UV protection. Apple said that like human skin, the iPhone 4 also needs to be protected from the sun’s rays and making the phone white presents issues in this area. It was said that there is a lot more that goes into creating the white version of the phone in terms of science and there has also been issues with the sensors when making the phone white.

This mention of problems with the sensors could refer to there also being a problem with the camera on the white iPhone 4 which was speculated back in January of this year. The White iPhone 4 has gone on sale today however in the United States and a further 27 countries after 9 months of delays. You can now purchase the phone on the Apple website or from an Apple retail store.

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