Apple iPhone Alarm Clock Glitch Leaves Users Snoozing

With the Apple iPhone being one of the most revolutionary phones in recent years, you would have thought that Apple would have been prepared for the New Year. In fact, there has actually been a glitch with the iPhone in 2011 that has left many users of the phone actually snoozing because of a bug w2ith the alarm clock. The glitch hit users of the iPhone for the first time on New Year’s Day when it was discovered that there was a big in the software. The glitch prevented the alarm on the iPhone from going off at all and left a lot of users sleeping far too long.

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The bug in the iPhone software is said to have only affected certain users who have not upgraded their iPhone devices to the latest firmware that was on offer from Apple. Anyone with iOS 4.1 or less was affected by the b8g for the New Year and other users have reported that they have been ok with their phones.

Apple has said that the alarm clock on the iPhone should start functioning as usual by the 3rd January 2011 and it seems that this has been the case. This is not the first time that we have seen a bug like this for the iPhone device and just a couple of months ago; there was similar problems when daylight saving time was enabled.

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