Apple Top Designer Wants to Move to UK

Apple are well known for their fantastic looking products that have completely revolutionised the industry and now, the top designer for the company is thinking of moving back to the UK. Jonathon Ive, who often features in many of the Apple ad’s on the website, is thinking of moving back to the UK where he was originally born. However, it is thought that Apple is not too pleased about this and is threatening Ive with losing his job if he does move to the UK.

Jonathon Ive is the Senior Vice President of Industrial design for Apple and he is responsible for some of the most well known products on the market including the Apple iPhone, iPad and even the iPod devices. It is now thought that he is looking to return to England where he was actually born in order to live here. However, Apple is not too happy about this and they have said that if he does choose to move to England, he will no longer have a job with the company.

It is thought that Ive is looking to move back to the UK in order to allow his children to go to school in a UK school but with such a high position for Apple, it is still not thought that he will end up moving back. We will have to see which Ive chooses; the UK or Apple.

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