Apple iPhone 5 Being field tested by AT&T

AT&T is one of the largest networks in the United States and previously, they have been the network that have been the first to get their hands on the latest version of the Apple iPhone, With the iPhone 5 rumoured to be set for release either later this year or early next year, rumour has now emerged that the iPhone 5 device is actually being field tested by AT&T before the release.

According to the rumour, it is thought that Apple has given versions of their early iPhone 5 models to various employees of AT&T allowing them to field test the devices for any problems. It is thought that in order to keep this a secret, the iPhone 5 is actually being held in the case of an iPhone 4 so that no-one can tell the difference. The idea behind the test on the AT&T network is more than likely to check that the antenna on the phone is working s it should be this time around after the huge problems with the iPhone 4 back when it was released. It could also be in order to test the 4G network that AT&T currently has on the iPhone 5 ready for release.

It is thought that Apple will start producing the iPhone 5 in volume after the testing from AT&T and after fixing any of the problems that might be encountered. If these rumours are true, it is said that the iPhone 5 could be put into production within just a few weeks.

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