Apple iPad 2 to come to India in May

According to the latest reports, the Apple iPad 2 that was launched in the rest of the world last month is thought to be coming to India as well as a few other countries in May. Boy Genius reported today that Apple will be issuing a press release next week which will announce the launch of the iPad 2 in India as well as around 13 other countries.

It is said that the Apple iPad 2 will be priced similarly to the price of the original iPad in the country when it was launched a few months ago. This means that the iPad 2 Wi-Fi only version with 16GB of storage will cost around Rs 28,000 in India. It is said that if the iPad 2 is to launch in India in May, it will hopefully repair some of the damage that was caused when they launched the original iPad in India around 9 months after the rest of the world. Many people then accused Apple of ‘dumping’ its remaining iPad stock in India in preparation for the launch of the iPad 2 in the rest of the world.

Apple recently declared that they had sold a staggering 4.69 million iPad’s in its second fiscal year and it is thought that if there were no problems with production, Apple could have sold even more of the devices. Samsung is also set to start selling the Galaxy Tab in India in June.

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