Apple Order 12 Thousand Gigabytes of Online Storage

Apple is one of those companies that always seem to be pushing the boundaries of what is possible and always inventing new things. They are often the first to come up with ideas and then implement them affectively and a new rumour has led to many to believe that Apple have got big plans in the cloud computing area of things.

Today, rumour has emerged that Apple has actually secured an order for 12,000 gigabytes of online storage. It has been thought for a while that Apple has been planning to move their iTunes service in to the area of cloud computing and the order that has been placed today suggests that Apple is quickly moving forward with actually implementing this system.

The storage that has been purchased by Apple is said to have enough space to store a whopping 200,000 standard DVD’s and millions of songs. Amazon and Google have previously tried to enter the world of cloud computing and around a week or two ago, Amazon actually launched a service that allows people to stream music from their online storage. It is now thought that Apple is planning to implement a similar system over the coming months.

Apple is said to currently be in talks with music labels about actually implementing the system and we are sure that it won’t be long until they decide to unveil the system to us.

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