Rock Band App for the iPhone

Although we usually highlight the best free iPhone and iPod Touch apps here, this paid app is just too great to pass up! And even though, of all the paid apps, this one’s pretty costly at $6.99, still – it’s just so awesome that you need to know about it, and need to get it. The app is the Rock Band app for the iPhone and yes, you can play just as you would if the system were hooked up to your TV at home. It’s actually quite amazing that the developers were able to cram the real look and feel of Rock Band into such a teeny app; but they did and the app is one that every true Rock Band fan needs to have on their phone!

The app is advertised as being crammed with “30 free songs” but let’s not kid ourselves. You need to pay for the app before you have access to those “free” songs. Choose whichever instrument you want to play – drums, bass, guitar or, of course, vocals – and then challenge your friends to pick up the others, or have the app fill those in for you as you play. And you can play on either Easy, Medium, or Hard. So you can challenge your friends and show off your skills, plus constantly challenge yourself by moving up in level.

There are few paid apps that are worth paying $6.99 for, but considering that this one is so much like the actual game, and that new songs are always being added, plus you get to choose from so many levels and challenge your friends, this app is completely worth it. If you think so too, you can buy it here.

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