Free iPhone games; Oldschool blocks

When it comes to the iPhone, it has quit a lot of processing power for a mobile device but there are also games that don’t really take advantage of this out there that are perfectly fine. These are old school style games and one of the games that is currently number one in the app store is a game called Oldschool Blocks. Basically, this game is a rework of a really old game and it works well on the iPhone will the touch controls.

The aim of this game is simple and that is to try and destroy all of the blocks without the ball being lost. The way that you do this is to control the small bar at the bottom of the screen to ensure that the ball is not lost. This is exceptionally easy to do using the iPhone and iPod Touch controls that are fantastic. The great thing about the game is that despite it being free of charge, there are many different block types within the game as well as many different levels and even bonuses and power-ups. This makes for excellent gameplay with the game and it will give you hours of fun.

The graphics of the game are very old school which fits perfectly and will bring back memories for anyone that remembers this game out there. The game is very colourful too and also includes many retro and old school sounds that might be familiar.

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