Jigsaw Jumble

Aren’t jigsaw puzzles wonderful? They test your skill while you put together, piece by piece, a beautiful picture. But, they aren’t really a portable game that you can take around with you. There’s not nearly enough room to lay out all those pieces on your lap when you’re sitting on the bus, and all those pieces could get blow away if you’re trying to put it together outside. Enter the Jigsaw Jumble app for the iPod Touch. You can probably guess what this app does – it will give you jigsaw puzzles that you need to put together!

The game does have some features that make it pretty cool. There are three different levels, with pieces being added to each to make it more difficult. You can choose between 25 piece, 36 piece, or 49 pieces. And if you play on one of those levels that’s just a little too high and that you think is going to keep you stuck, use the ‘peek’ feature. This will give you a glimpse of the finished picture, so you can know whether you’re headed in the right direction, or if you’re way off base. And if you need even more help, you can choose the ‘outline’ mode that will display the outline of the pieces on a blank background – so all you have to do is remember where they were after they disappear!

The game also comes with an auto-save feature that will keep your game for you if it gets suddenly interrupted while you’re in the middle of play. There’s also playful sound and music that you can listen to, but if it gets irritating, you can also turn it off too. Stop losing all those puzzle pieces and trying to find room on your lap for the entire picture. Download Jigsaw Jumble here and start putting it all together – piece by piece!

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