Snake Classic FREE for the iPod Touch

Everyone loved the game Snake when it first appeared on all those Nokia phones eons ago. And now, you can take it with you wherever you go – even if you don’t have a Nokia! You can do it with the Snake Classic app for the iPod Touch and of course, the iPhone and the iPad.

The game works the same way you remember. A snake goes around the board and needs to collect his apples! Every time he eats an apple, you get points and the snake gets longer! Occasionally, those bonus green apples will also appear on the screen that will give you extra bonus points! It’s amazing that such a simple game cannot only be such great fun, but also that it can be so difficult to mimic! No other smartphone, or even any gadget, has been able to so closely resemble the original game. Apparently, it is and the iPod Touch app is the only one that comes close.

But of course, because it’s Apple, they just need to make it a little bit better and so, they included some new features to help you enjoy the game even more. These features include 5 different speeds you can choose, so your snake can either slowly crawl around the board, or it can zip around it like nobody’s business. Plus, there are also 4 different game boards so you won’t get bored and you can always mix it up! Plus, you can also pause and resume your game, and you can even share your scores on Twitter and Facebook – because everyone’s playing the new Snake Classic, and you want to brag about that high score as soon as you get it!

Of course, one thing that hasn’t changed about this Snake game is that it’s still absolutely free! You can download it here.

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