0.03 Seconds Pro for iPhone

Think fast! That’s what this game for the iPhone or iPod Touch is all about! 0.03 Seconds Pro for iPhone will test your reflexes as it gives you very easy challenges or questions, and then tells you how long it took you to answer them. The game will start by placing a challenge or question at the top of the screen: Tap the screen when six fruit appear. Slowly fruit will appear and you need to tap as soon as possible when that sixth one appears. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Try it. You’ll see how addictive it is, how frustrating it can be, and how many hours you’re willing to spend trying to beat your personal best.

The app really is that easy. Task after task, you’ll move through the three levels, each of which has their own 24 stages or tasks and the app will continually tell you how fast your reaction time was. The challenges are said to get quite hard so you’ll always be testing yourself and finding out just how fast you can think! You won’t get a whole ton of cool graphics, but it is optimized for the iPhone 4. And really, there’s no time for graphics anyway.

Users love this app, and claim that ‘it’s worth the dollar.’ But, the developers are in the holiday spirit and so for a limited time, they’re offering this free. So think fast! Or better yet, don’t stop to think at all and download the app from iTunes here.

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