Tic Tag GLOW

Usually, when an app is super simple, it usually means that it’s incredibly addicting and that it doesn’t need any extra bells and whistles to make it stand out. Unfortunately, the same is not true with the Tic Tac GLOW app. This app leaves a lot to be desired, including the ability to be downloaded!

The app is supposed to work very simply. It’s a game of Tic Tac Toe and you place your “X’s” or your “O’s” onto the screen simply by tapping. Everything on the screen (which only includes the Xs, Os, and the game board) will light up, glowing in the dark so that you can play it anywhere. That does seem to be this app’s main selling feature but even that’s not really impressive considering that the backlight on your iPod Touch or iPhone should be enough whenever you need to look at it.

Users have had nothing but complaints about this app. The criticisms have been that the app lets you win every time, giving you no challenge and therefore, no fun; and that the app also won’t open after you’ve downloaded it. It simply says “Loading” and then you’re left waiting. And waiting.

We try to bring you all of the best free apps for the iPod Touch that are available on iTunes. But when there’s one that is this bad, and that no one seems to like, we feel compelled to say something about that too. If you’re still interested, or you’re just developing an app and want to know what not to do, you can download it here. Otherwise, wait for an upgrade and hopefully that makes what could be an awesome classic game, actually awesome.

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