Etch a Sketch App for iPod Touch

Remember when you were little and your Etch-A-Sketch was just something that you had to take along with you wherever you went, whether it be in the backyard or on a long road trip. Since then, millions of little toys, including keychains, have come along replicating the classic toy, and now you can have it in the palm of your hand with the Etch a Sketch app for the iPod Touch.

The app lets you draw on the Etch a Sketch with either of the two classic white knobs, or you can use your finger and trace along the screen. Of course, when you’re done with your drawing, just give your iPod Touch a shake and it will magically disappear, ready for you to etch another sketch. One of the really cool things about this app that you definitely couldn’t do with the old toy? Import some of your favorite pictures from your saved My Pictures and add captions, give your uncle a mustache, or doodle on them in some other mindless way.

Of course, like any good photo or gaming app, you can send your results off to your friends and save photos that you’re particularly impressed with to come back to later. Seeing as how this app is a great play on such a classic, it’s almost hard to believe that it’s completely free. But, that it is, and you can download it here.

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