Words with Friends App free for iPod Touch

Love playing Scrabble? Love playing games with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook? Now you can combine the two with the Words with Friends app for the iPod Touch. This game works just like Scrabble, with of course, a few different features and rules to set themselves apart (and avoid all those nasty legal issues.) But, the game is even better than pulling out the ol’ Scrabble board because it’s free, and you can play it with your friends who have the app too!

If  you know how Scrabble works, you know how Words with Friends app. You place letters on the board and get a certain number of points for forming them. Longer words get you more points, and some squares indicate a higher point count to give you even more of a leg up on your friends. Of course, the app places a much larger focus on the social networking aspect. You can choose one of your friends to play or, if they don’t have the app yet, choose a random player and the app will find someone else in need of a partner for you. And, if you’re not really in the mood for people, you can also play online all by yourself so you won’t have to miss any of the fun.

The game has been given rave reviews and has even been claimed as “the new Twitter” by John Mayer. And if you’ve ever heard of Mayer’s Twitter addiction, you know just how big that is. Like all other great apps, this one is absolutely free and can be downloaded from iTunes here.

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  1. I always love word games. Lately a friend introduced me a new game EPELER, it’s a cute word arcade game. I need to make as many words as possible from the falling letters, and the goal is to clean up the world. Took me 2 days to see the ending~

    By the way my words with friends id is hihecat, wanna start a game?

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