Free iPhone Games: Shape Shift

Puzzle games are something that have always been extremely popular all around the world and there are a number of games that are available for the iPhone which will see you solving puzzles in certain ways. One of these puzzle games that has recently entered the app store is a game called Shape Shift which is extremely similar to the game; Bejeweled in the way that it has been designed. However, the way that you work the game is slightly different and offers a new idea for game play.

The idea behind the Shape Shift game is that you will have a screen, full of squares, all of which are different colours and have different shapes in them. You’re job is to make lines of the same colour squares and you do this my switching the squares around. You switch squares around based on the shape that is inside the square and make lines of the same colour. It might sound complicated but it is actually very straightforward and addictive once you get going.

The game allows you to collect badges and awards as you go through the levels and even connects with Game Center, allowing you to share your achievements with friends and family. The game is available for free, but it offers a buy-out option if you wish to remove the advertisements that are featured in the game. The game also has two different modes for slightly different game play.

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