Bald Booth! for iPod Touch

Once in awhile an app comes around that lets you play around with pictures of yourself or lets you try out new looks on yourself. Generally these apps are a lot of fun, even though they’re somewhat useless in the long run, so we got excited when we saw the Bald Booth! app in iTunes. But we were a bit discouraged when we saw the complicated instructions in iTunes, and even more discouraged when we read some of the reviews in iTunes. Still, wanting to always hold out hope for funny picture apps, we gave it a shot.

Complex is right! Only “certain” pictures will work within the app and even once you’ve chosen a picture that will work, it gets even more complicated. You have to make sure that you draw along the skull line, not the hairline. What’s the difference, and how are you supposed to know just where exactly your skull line is? Your guess is as good as ours. The developers do say in the iTunes description that “generic balding software is very difficult” but we’re not taking that as an excuse. If it’s that difficult really, don’t create an app that promises to be awesome, but turns out only to be a disappointment.

If you really love picture editing apps, or you’ve just always wanted to see what you would look like bald, download the app from iTunes here. But know that you have been forewarned; we don’t think this app is worth the time it will take, just to see what you and your friends and family would look like bald.

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