Move It! for the iPod Touch

For those who love the idea of playing Tetris on their iPod Touch, but don’t love the idea of spending $2.99 for the game in iTunes, there’s the Move It! app for the iPod Touch. This app looks and feels just like Tetris – even with blocks that are only very subtly different than those found in the classic arcade game. And it’s visual appeal compared to other similar games such as Unblock Me, is far and away ten times more interesting, clearer, and sharper.

The app comes free and does have tons of different levels, including those that rookies will feel comfortable with, as well as those that will have even the most experienced Tetris, erm – Move It! players breaking a sweat and spending countless hours trying to beat. So, is there a catch?

Well, yes and no. While Move It! is not a lite version of a full app and you can get it for completely free, there is an option inside the app to pay $0.99 for the ability to advance further. Buying these levels isn’t necessary because there are tons of free levels available but for those who really fall in love with the game, buying the levels might come in handy too.

Also, there are a few advertisements within the app, whether you buy the paid levels or not, and they can be somewhat distracting at times. But those aside, there’s something really cool about an app that’s free, addicting, and has great visuals and graphics. You can download it here!

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