Get Paid iPhone or iPod Touch Apps for Free

There are tons of great free apps out there, and there are tons of great paid apps out there. The problem is when you’re not interested in paying money for apps, but you still want to have all those great paid apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Many have heard of this phenomenon, but can never find where to get paid apps for free. All you really need is Cydia, and a jailbroken iPhone or Jailbroken iPod Touch.

You need to start by adding the Hackulous repository. You can do that by going to Cydia>Manage>Sources>Edit>Add. Once the text box pops up asking you for the Cydia/APT URL, enter: and tapping on “Add Source.” Hackulous isn’t all you need to add though. You also need to download the Installous app.

You can do that you going to Cydia>Manage>Packages. Then you’ll be given a list of different packages and apps that you can either use the search function for, or  scroll down through to find Installous. This app will be your gateway to all the free apps and paid apps (that  you’ll get for free) – and you’ll get more than you could ever imagine. Be warned that from Installous, you may be taken to the developer’s site or another site to get the app. But these sites always have instructions for downloading, and the steps are easy to follow.

If you’re tired of paying for iphone apps that you don’t really want to pay for, or you’re tired of going without apps because you don’t want to pay for them, jailbreak your iPhone or jailbreak your iPod Touch and start getting all the paid apps for free that you could imagine!

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