Top iPod Touch Games from App Store

The app store is where you find different sorts of iPod Touch games and other applications. The developers are taking the greatest advantage of ground breaking technology, accelerometer, multi-touch, real time 3D graphics, and other improved technology to create mind blowing games that are specially designed for iPod Touch. You will find comprehensive list of Top iPod Touch Games from App store.

You can either download the games to your iPod Touch of you can play the games through safari web browser. If your iPod Touch is updated with latest 2.0 software package you can download few interesting games from iTunes Store too.

There are both free and paid games that you can get from App store for your iPod Touch. The process is simple. Either you can download the game in your computer and sync it to your iPod or you can directly download it on the Touch to play them. The following are few popular iPod Touch games that you can get in App store.

StickWars: A fast paced and action packed game which requires that you are really a game freak and have fast finger moments to play this game. Full of strategy and cunning tactics this is a game that most iPod Touch users will love to play. You have to defend your kingdom from invading army which is there to shake your kingdom.

Cube Runner: This game is similar to Star War Arcade game. You will enjoy this game in your iPod Touch. The mission of this game is to escape the cubes as long as you can and there are different levels of difficulty that you face in this game.

Bugdom 2: This is a game that depicts the real 3D graphics in your iPod Touch. It has interesting 3D graphics that capture your attention the moment you start the game. You have to move house and corner to find friends and enemies. A good time pass when you are sitting ideal and alone.

Tetris: An excellent new game which goes well with your taste. This is a game that you need to play through safari browser. It has been updated with latest features and new challenges.

Like this you will find hundreds of games in the App store which you can download to your gadget. On the other hand if you have new games or have developed a new game, you can upload it in the store to share it with the great iPod Touch community.

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  2. I love using apple computers because there are ALWAYS cool things to play or do other cool things.

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