All-in-1 Logic GameBox for the iPod Touch

We just love game apps that let you play many different games, all through that one app. And if you’re like us, and you also love figuring out logical puzzles, you’ll love the All-in-1 Logic GameBox app for the iPod Touch! This app is a great game app but the thing that makes it so great is that when you open it up, you’ll have your choice of seven different games you can play!

The 7 games you’ll find within the app are: Round Round!; Telescope; Parking Lot; Labyrinth; Liquid Measure; Flip It; Arithmetic; and Paratroopers. Within them you’ll find puzzle games, games which require you to use strategies to push and pull balls into place, games that require a little bit of arithmetic, and more! In total there are over 1,000 different levels in all 7 games combined so you can always keep testing your skill and trying to beat your personal best!

The graphics are also very easy to follow along with, and are neither so basic you feel as though you’re playing a novice developer’s experiment, or so busy that you can’t follow along in your game because of all the distractions. And, aside from the fact that the app does sometimes ask you if you want to purchase add-ons, the app has gotten mostly really good reviews in iTunes. And why wouldn’t it? It’s a whole bunch of head scratchers wrapped up in one tidy little package. And best of all, it’s free! You can download it here.

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