App Matrix for the iPod Touch

Imagine an app that’s like Tetris, the App Store, and well – the matrix, all in one. The App Matrix app for the iPod Touch is exactly that. This app brings you an entirely new way to view the newest apps in the App Store, and it comes free of charge too!

App Matrix looks very much like a screen of Tetris does – blocks falling out of the sky and landing on other blocks. But those blocks aren’t different shapes that you need to puzzle together. They’re icons of all the newest apps in the App Store! So as each block falls, you have a chance to see another new app. If you see an app you like, just tap on it and it will open in full detail for you to view, just as you would if you were viewing it in iTunes.

Many users have raved about this app, congratulating the developers for coming up with such an ingenious way to view all their favorite apps at a glance. And some say it’s more than just an app organizer, it’s like a game, and a delightful time-waster! Not everyone is in love with it though. One of the biggest complaints in iTunes is that the app is far too slow, and it takes too long for one block to drop. In addition to this, some have also griped about the fact that once you tap on an app, there’s no easy way to get back to where you were on the Home screen. But we find it’s really comparable to viewing them in the App Store, as far as going back and forth between apps is concerned anyway.

Best of all, the app is free. So if you’re looking for a whole new way to view new apps, or you’re just looking for yet another way to waste time on your iPod Touch, download it here.

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