Got Unwanted iPod Touch Apps? Deleting Them is Easy!

How many times have you downloaded or purchased an app from the App store, only to find out that you don’t use it as much as you thought you would, or that you don’t really need it. Lots of us have done this, especially with all the free iPod Touch apps that Apple releases continuously. Deleting apps on your iPod Touch is very easy. Here are the steps that will let you do to remove unwanted apps from your iPod touch or iPhone.

Firstly, find the iPhone app on your Home screen (you may have to go through a couple of pages on your Home screen if you have a lot of apps.) Once you have found the app, tap it and hold it down. After a couple of seconds, you’ll see the apps on your Home screen start to wiggle. Once all of your icons have started wiggling, you will see an “x” at the top of each of them. Tap the “x” and your iPod Touch will pop up a dialogue box that says, “Delete (name of app)” and it will have a ‘Delete’ or ‘Cancel’ button. Hit the Delete button and the app will be removed from your iPod Touch.

Next, you have to make sure that the ipod touch app has also been deleted from your iTunes. If it isn’t, the iTouch app will just be reloaded onto your iPod the next time you sync it. To delete the app from the iTunes store, simply find the app in iTunes and right-click it. Then choose ‘Delete.’ If you think you may want to keep the app in iTunes but you don’t want it on your iPod Touch for the moment, you can pick and choose which apps you would like to sync and which ones you don’t. Simply go through and check off the apps that you want and these, and only these, will be loaded onto your iPod Touch the next time you sync it.

Happy deleting your unwanted iPod Touch Apps!

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