DJ Rivals for the iPod Touch

We review a lot of apps, but once in awhile we come across a real gem, and the DJ Rivals app for the iPod Touch is definitely one of them. In this game, you are the DJ and you are there to save your town from Bland Corp., the corporation that is stealing the town’s good music and replacing it with that which is most evil – boring tunes. In order to beat the Drones that work for Bland Corp., you’ll need to scratch and tap your way all over town, beating the corporation Drone by Drone.

If you’ve ever played Rock Band, you’ll pick this game up immediately. And even if you haven’t, the game is outlined very simply and it’s easy to pick up what you’re supposed to do. Simply put, you’re to go from building to building in your town, finding the Drones that you’ll have to beat in order to successfully complete your quest. As you complete different quests you’ll collect coins and different awards while moving up levels, facing Drones that are far more skilled and beats that are much quicker.

Aside from the cute storyline and the addictive gameplay, this app has a couple of other features that make it especially fun. It uses GPS to locate you and then the buildings you enter will be actual buildings that are located near you; and the music that’s played while you have to tap out the beat in just the right time, is very fun and really gets you in the DJing mood. There’s a mix of popular and not-so-popular songs and the title and band are displayed at the top of the screen. This is very helpful if you just want to see what the title is, or if there’s always been that song you love, but just can’t think of the name!

DJ Rivals is a terrific little game and an app that every music lover should have on their iPod Touch. Oh, and did we mention that you can play in real-time against other, real players as well? Start doing it all by downloading this app from iTunes here.

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