Skee-Ball for the iPod Touch

Everyone remembers going to the carnival as a kid and playing the classic game Skee-Ball. Many of us now still go to the carnival, and can’t wait to get our hands on those small little balls that you heft up the lane. Now, you can get back some of the fun and excitement of this old school game with the Skee-Ball app for the iPod Touch.

This game is one of the best games ever for the iPod Touch for two reasons: it brings back that little touch of nostalgia that we’re all after sometimes; and it incorporates some of the iPod Touch’s coolest features. Just what features are those? Well, to get that little ball up the lane on your Touch, simply swipe your finger up the lane. The ball will glide up the lane, and into one of the pockets, depicting how many points you’ve won.

And, just like you were back on the fairgrounds, the more points you win, the more tickets you get. After you’ve collected all of your tickets, you can go shopping and redeem them for all those tiny little trinkets that you so love and remember. Things like bouncing little balls that can jump super high, yo-yos, tiny little notebooks, and so much more! You couldn’t have more fun with this game unless you were actually in front of a booth with those twinkling lights on you and music that’s far too loud blasting from a nearby speaker.

Unfortunately, this app is not free and all of this nostalgia and excitement does come at a price. But, at only $0.99, it’s still one heck of a buy! You probably wouldn’t even get 3 Skee-balls for that at the fair! Download the Skee-Ball app, one of the most popular apps for the iPod Touch, here.

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