Free iPod Touch Apps for Restaurant Booking; Opentable

Booking a restaurant is one of the things that mobile devices have made a lot easier and one of the apps that has really made doing this a whole lot easier is an app named Opentable. The idea behind Opentable is that it allows you to book restaurant tables over the internet without even having to phone the restaurant and now, there is the Opentable app for the iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

The app is pretty well designed in its appearance and finding restaurants is pretty easy to do. It is possible to search by your current location on the iPhones and if you are on Wi-Fi with the iPod Touch, you can also still search for restaurant. Once you have found the restaurant that you wish to book on the app, actually booking it is as simple as entering your Opentable login information and it is done. The great thing about the search results within the app is that you are able to refine them in a number of ways such as by the type of cuisine you are looking for or a specific area within a more general area.

The only problem with the applcation is that in some areas, there is a very limited selection of restaurants to choose from but it is getting more populated as time goes by. The app is available free of charge from the iTunes app store.

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