Steve Jobs wanted to use Intel processors in iPad

The development of iPad tablet was probably one of the most important projects made by Steve Jobs in his entire career at Apple and in the authorized biography released yesterday we have some information about this process. Of course the tablet was designed in Jony Ive‘s studio, the location where any Apple product is born and started various prototypes were built by various sizes, all tested by Jobs. In the final version of 9.7-inch screen and 4:3 ratio was chosen, but there’s a chance that tablets with smaller screens have been designed by Apple and there is a chance that such a model to see it released in the future.

For the testing were available not less than 20 tablets of different sizes and choosing the right product and testing involved hiding their persons involved without knowing much about them. Jony Ive said that it was able to choose the perfect model with 9.7 inch screen which proved to be extremely popular among users. For this tablet Steve Jobs wanted to use an Intel Atom but was convinced by Tony Fadell, one of the vice presidents of Apple, to implement ARM processors. Fadell went to the point that threatened Jobs with the resign from the Apple Company’s and the final decision taken by them was the correct one.

The process began with Jobs and Ive figuring out the right screen size. They had twenty models — all rounded rectangles, of course — in slightly varying sizes and aspect ratios. Ive laid them out on a table in the design studio, and in the afternoon they would life the velvet cloth hiding them and play with them. That’s how we nailed what the screen size was,” Ive said

If an iPad tablet with Intel processor would be released then maybe we had some more performance but less than independence, a change that no one would have wanted.

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