The Steve Job Apple, Copied or Coincidence?

One of the characters that Steve Jobs is known for is his uniqueness and creativity. He is just one heck of a genius that no one seems to visualize his concepts until he make them into reality. This is also one of the major reasons why Apple is going after the other companies that they believe just copied the ideas from Apple. His ideas are just so original that if you come up with the same idea, everyone would be just dead sure that you got it from him.

However, with an honor to the awesome inventor that he is, three artists wanted to share their parting gift to Steve Jobs. The un-awesome part though, is these three artists came up with the exact same idea! This is totally against Steve’s creativity. Now, the people are starting to ask, did they really come up with the unique idea on their own and just happened to think of the same idea at the same time by mere coincidence? Or did someone copy from the other one? Which one is it? That is what we’re going to investigate at this second post, for our Steve Jobs week-long special.

The Steve Job Apple, Copied or Coincidence?

The three artists in question (sorted by the date that they created the work) are Chris Thornley also known as Raid71,  Farzin Adeli, and the youngest, Jonathan Mak who is a design student from Hong Kong. Chris Thornley has already created his image even before Steve Job’s death. Both Farzin and Jonathan on the other hand, created their versions the day that Steve died.

Steve Jobs Image

Jonathan already released a statement regarding the matter. He gives way to Raid71 and acknowledges that the artist indeed is the first one to come up with the idea. He doesn’t apologize for the accusations that he ripped off and copied Raid71’s  artwork though. He said that he respects the artist, and he didn’t copy his idea. It was just pure coincidence. He even called for the people to support Raid71’s work as well, as the artist is also battling with cancer.

Raid71 accepted the statement with an open heart and mind. He accepts the apology of the artist, and has released a statement of his own via Twitter that he believes that Jonathan didn’t steal his idea, commenting that “this happen all the time”.

Finally, there’s Farzin. Like Jonathan, he shared that he created his version of the famous image the day that Steve died and he had no idea that other artists have come up with the same idea as his. The difference that he has as compared to the other artists though, is that he is the only one who filed a lawsuit. He wants to copyright the logo and claim it as exclusively his, even going as far as accusing Jonathan of copying his idea because he believes that Jonathan’s is just a negative version of his creation.

No matter where this road takes us, we can only conclude three things. First, they are all great artists, if it is true that they have come up with the idea on their own. Next, Jonathan’s work is the most famous of the three. It has been the most viral in the internet and even made it as a profile picture of Ashton Kutcher. Finally, and the best thing about it, is that all of the profit that all the three artists gain from the image are for various charitable institutions.

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