What are the Best iPad Apps for Business?

Admit it, iPad, a series of tablet computers created by Apple Inc., is not just for entertainment, it is for business as well. What do you think are the reasons why lots of people from the business market use iPad? Do you want to know? Read below to know some of the best iPad applications for business.

IPad Apps for Business

Business applications are software or programs that are created to aid businessmen and businesswomen in tracking growth and finances at the top of their palms. Because iPad is a type of handheld device, it can be very advantageous to the part of business-minded people because they don’t have to use their bulky computers in calculating their profits and expenses. Plus, they will get the chance to see the latest trends of the financial and security markets.

Roambi – Visualizer

With the Roambi – Visualizer business app from MeLLmo Inc., businessmen and businesswomen will be able to analyze the latest data from their company. It creates various charts or dashboard that will provide a better picture for businessmen and businesswomen in analyzing the status of their company. Data from various spreadsheet can be integrated into Roambi, allowing many businesspeople to interact with the data by tapping and swiping them for better analysis.

People from the business world can get Roambi – Visualizer for free at the iTunes store.

E*Trade Mobile Pro for iPad

E*Trade Mobile Pro is another application that is very beneficial for businessmen and businesswomen. It is developed by E*Trade Securities, which allows business people to trade anywhere and anytime they want it.

It provides a clear view of the latest trends of the stocks market, with details on the dividend and other financial items. Get E*Trade Mobile Pro for free at the iTunes store.

Iron Money

Iron Money is a great business application that allows every businessman and business woman to monitor the transactions and accounts of his or her company. It has some similarity with Roambi-Visualizer but there is more user interaction.

With Iron Money, business people can have clearer view of their income, expenses, net income, and account balances. Moreover, they can also analyze their spending in various categories. Like Roambi – Visualizer, business people can also see graphs of their accounts.

Iron Money, the creator of business app Iron Money also offers excellent support to their customers. You can avail Iron Money at the iTunes store for $9.99.

 EZTip Calculator Pro

Cyneticsoft Systems developed the business iPad app EZTip Calculator Pro. It allows businesswomen and businessmen to calculate tips in every bill you pay. It can be very beneficial for those who are always interacting with people or for those who hail from the hospitality industry. With the EZTip Calculator Pro, business-minded people will be able to track how much tip was given to them by a particular customer.

EZTip Calculator Pro can be avail at the iTunes store anytime, anywhere for only $0.99.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope the above applications will be a great help to you. and please check another top free apps for ipad list beside I have talked above, Cheers!

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