An iPod for Mental and Emotional Development of Unborn Babies

You may have seen people from all age groups using smart phones both iPod and iPhone ,but have you ever thought that the smart phones will be useful for unborn babies too. Yes, this is certainly a gift of technology that now the babies still in mother’s womb too will get addicted to the soothing music.

Well either you can use it for the good purpose or the other way round as it depends entirely on the mother’s taste for the music. Therefore, you can choose either hard rock music or soft classical tunes for your unborn babies.

Scientifically also it is a well-proven fact that a good quality music will help in the mental and emotional development of your unborn babies. So next time you plan a gift for a pregnant women, do not think anything else but go for the latest technology innovation and purchase any such iPods.

It is quite amazing that, apart from the different versions of the iPods, often used by the music lovers of all age groups, now a baby iPod too is available in the market. The designing of this iPod is specially keeping in the mind the pregnant women. So all those pregnant women having liking for good music, can purchase one of these baby iPods and enjoy listening to the music, sharing the enjoyment even with the unborn child.

How an unborn infant can listen to the iPod music?

Your unborn baby can very easily listen to the soft and soothing music throughout the day with the help of baby iPod. According to the hottest news in iPod section, Geof Ramsay has invented a special contour belt, which can hold an MP3 player quite near to the womb. Therefore, your baby too can enjoy the music along with you.

Enjoying the music does not mean directly listening to each words of the song but feeling the vibrations .The special speakers attached to this contour belt helps to transfer the vibrations to the foetus inside the womb.
Now when you are relaxing with the soothing music, your unborn child too is accompanying you. Apart from just the music, this latest offering from smart phones and its various attachments also includes mechanism to give a nice massage to the back of the pregnant women. The mechanism generally contains three small mechanics at the back of this contour belt, which provides gentle massage to the back

The latest offering from the iPods not only includes an element of enjoyment for the unborn but also ensures that the mental and emotional development takes place in right direction right from the time when the babies are still in the mother’s womb. But while using this gadget, do not forget to play soothing music rather than hard rock ones, which might disturb the mental state of the unborn baby.

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