Flash Player for iPod Touch

Adobe Flash Player for iPod Touch

Latest update on Adobe flash player for ipod, ipad, or iPhone:

Adobe Flash has finally come to Apple Inc.’s iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, not directly supported but just that the new app tools will be able to export Flash content as an HTML5-supporting format.
At the IBC 2011 Conference and Exhibition, Adobe announced the releases of the new streaming video solutions, including Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 and Flash Access 3.0 software.

“With Flash Media Server 4.5, media publishers can extend their already broad mobile reach via Flash-enabled devices, with the new ability to deliver video content to Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices, enabling them to reach the widest audience possible,” Adobe said in a statement.
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Almost everything is go-electronic now. Right from the toothbrush to cars and trucks, almost all of mankind tends to align towards the electronic vertical. How can entertainment alone be an exception? The dictionaries cannot define entertainment without electronics. The latest trend for music lovers is the iPod touch introduced by Apple Corporation. The latest advancement in the gadget is the free flash player for iPod touch. A general flash player can be used for low-size videos and satisfying graphics in computers.

The flash player for iPod touch is to be introduced by the flash player veteran Adobe Inc. People are anxiously waiting for the valuable piece of software to be released. The major advantages for flash are that the size of the video files is reduced to a greater extent when compared to other file types. When it comes to flash for iPod touch, it solves the purpose of flash being used in the lower-resolution screens. Although it is a third-party vendor, people have found it more amazing and easy to use for viewing videos. There is always a lump sum audience for iPod touch and flash player individually. Do we need an introduction for the response for flash for iPod touch

Though there are some good expectations for flash for iPod touch, it has been a contradicting fact that this coming into reality is near to impossibility. People do believe that there could not be a tie-up between Apple and Adobe in this particular regard. As the design issues could cause tremendous problems, it is always been a questioning factor whether the iPod flash player will hit the electronics arena. The wave of iPods is so intense that the expectations become higher for the critics for the popular gadget.


The iPod touch flash player is expected to create a revolution among the music freaks and gadget gizmos. Along with iPod touch’s reputation, flash for iPod touch is destined to grab the market of audio players. This might seem interesting on one hand while there are also technical and practical difficulties in implementing the same. The flash installed on a system occupies a considerable amount of memory space, and this could be a bigger constraint when it comes to Adobe Flash for iPod touch. This limit could urge the management to think twice on the implementation of such a wonderful concept. Another major drawback for the Adobe Flash for iPod touch is that flash player is more vulnerable and could be an open door for the hackers to get into the iPod touch easily. This lead to dissatisfaction and misunderstanding among consumers, and it could affect badly on the brand reputation.


flash player for ipod touch

Flash player for iPod touch

Last but not least, iPod touch must continue its service with a good flash player. The expectations of people on the Adobe Flash for iPod touch will never decrease as it is among the most attractive features of this age. Let’s have our fingers crossed and wait for this very good package to pop around the market. Flash player iPod touch will definitely steal the hearts of the people.

So when can we download flash player for our iPod touch 2.0, iPod Touch 2.1.1, or iPod Touch 2.2?

When will Apple and Adobe be ready to support flash player in iPod touch?

iPod Touch Flash Player Update

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+ Adobe Flash Player Coming to iPhone

Please leave your comment here if you are an iPod touch fan and really need the flash player to be installed on your iPod touch. Spread the word about this flash player for iPod touch, so Apple and Adobe can continue the project and release it soon.

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  1. I was so looking forward to playing my bingo on iPod touch, but ended up being told to download the flash player and I can’t damn you must of known this was going happen, ie a lot of very unhappy customers.

  2. It is so disapointing when you go to a webpage such as facebook games or my lotto and in large bold print it says FLASH PLAYER REQUIRED. I can’t count how many times this has happened to me and it leaves me dissatisfied and angry with the ipad.

  3. Can’t download Adobe flash player, i want installing flash player 2.2 for my iPod touch, thanks.

  4. It is so disapointing when you go to a webpage such as facebook games or my lotto and in large bold print it says FLASH PLAYER REQUIRED. I can’t count how many times this has happened to me and it leaves me dissatisfied and angry with the ipad.

  5. I would love to have flash especially for megavideo I have 2 touch a 16gb 1st gen with 3.2 and 32gb 4th gen with 4.1 preinstalled

  6. Yay! I have been waiting for something like this! I want to go to Webkinz. I agree with the person before me!

  7. I wanna be able to access websites such as Nick.com and Neopets and Gaia Online and I want to watch videos. Please apple, HURRY THE HELL UP!! >.>

  8. There ARE flash apps for ipod touch/iphone. They’re hacks which will give you a lean cut-down version of flash for viewing videos. Use google, it’s your friend.

  9. Yeah, Apple… Flash player would be most spectacular. It would allow us to watch movies, view online school lectures and materials, and tons of other useful things. Teaming up with adobe might be a great move. Both companies have plenty of advertisement, and success. So, let’s up the ante, and allow flash player to be accessed on all of your iProducts. Sounds like a good idea to me, and every other person on the planet. I’ve overheard many Apple employees complaining about the products not having flash on them. It’s obviously a capital idea.

  10. A flashplayer for my iPod touch … I could watch hulu AND maybe netflix .. too cool!
    Please Apple …. Please!

  11. I want Flash Player not only for iPod Touch n iPhone but also for iPad..
    When we gonna get this features enabled?

  12. It is so disapointing when you get ready to see something. Or read something and then in large bold print it says FLASH PLAYER REQUIRED. I can’t count how many times this has happened to me and it leaves me dissatisfied with my IPOD Touch. Please make a flash player. Not everybody wants to have to pull out there lap top or computer when your using your iPod.

  13. Guys I think I found a website with flash player for iPod touch!I’ll post it soon!

  14. I really think that they should have flash player for iPod touches and iphones. I can’t do anything without the flash and I’ve searched for it but couldn’t find it anywhere. If younfind it let me now and send me updateds kk boo?

  15. Lucky for me I bought the ipod touch at Costco. Since I can’t view the content I want it goes back.

  16. I need Flash to view my online school books on my ipod touch. The ipod touch has made my scholastic life much easier but would is only lacking the flash player in order to have the full experience. Please apple give your people the flash player!

  17. I’ld like to wipe my as* with hundred dollar bills, and have thousands in my wallet. That will never happen though, and apple will never allow people to use adobe on their iproduct because apple is a business, and just like any other business they don’t want others to do better than them

  18. Im not expecting anymore about the flash player for ipod touch, since the Apple release the first ipod touch i read so many articles from website seems that nothing happens. Even the new IPAD tablet doesnt support flash player. We cant use flash player in our itouch its only a rumor.

  19. I’d like to watch my TV programs on my iPod, but Flash Player is not yet available for the Touch. I really want it and hope it will be available VERY SOON! Thank you.

  20. I want to be able to watch movies on my iPod touch with out having to serch through YouTube and not even be able to watch full length movies unless they make a veiw instant netflix app soon then Ill be waiting for the flash player app hurry up apple!!

  21. I want it for the touch!!! a lot of things I’d like to watch I don’t have the chance because of the adobe flash player

  22. It’s odd that the government steped in on bill gates for simular isuess of forcing ppl to do there bidding I think Hittler was a bit of a control freak as well ever hear that the customer is always correct, if Jobbs won’t do the right thing here then it’s time for the public to wash there hands of the company or to develop there own app for jailbroken phones, because I paid for mine that makes it MINE! to use as I wish it to be used, I shouldn’t need to ask for the keys to my own car!! at $500.00 ish dollars for the newest 64gig units I paired my way so please hack away I’ll use it.

  23. Apple makes some of the best stuff.It’s much more complicated. And you have to pay fir everything. It would be much better if apple would let us use other software like flash player

  24. I cannot listen to certain radio stations and if I had flash player I could so it would be good if it was available thanks

  25. Please continue on with making Adobe flashplayer for the iPod touch! It would be really useful and many would use it!!

  26. Y we can’t jest get it is dum apple needs to get there head in the game I really really need this

  27. I just wanna watch hulu the tv.com app is so lame. But yeah u ppl are smart apple would lose money to bad for us

  28. I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. im gonna call apple and c if there is one that we dnt know about. maybe there is. im on my ipod touch right now and my bff has the iphone. lolsz sooo jealous! haha. so anyway yeahhh im gonna call today bcz im a HulUUUUUUGE club penguin fan and i cnt even go on it. and a lot of other thinqs :(. okaiii bii!!!

  30. I see no reason why videos can not be played in the youtube player, from other websites, with out flash one way or another. Im sure they could make it happen. Any things possible.

  31. I think it is obvious as of to why they will not more than likely, ever release flash for the itouch. If they released it, there would be absolute no reason what so ever for a person living in a urban area which has wifi 24-7 to buy an itouch bigger than 8gb’s (and most people in todays world, easily get wifi even in un populated areas). With the release of flash, people would EASILY be able to watch/listen to videos and music content on popular host’s, that of which do not check copy rights. They could easily connect, and watch their content, with out wasting a Megabyte. This would drop sales. I think for example, if they wanted, they could make the itouch handle other file types other than that of which they allow, with no problem. They do not do so, because they want you to use up space. They want you to get annoyed, and to buy- upgrade to a bigger and more expensive itouch. If they allowed flash, no one would do so. By, only allowing youtube (that of which is probably considerably an extremely popular site) they know, if you upload copy righted content to it, that youtube will take care of it, and it will not stay up for long. Thats my view on things. Is it right or wrung what their doing? put your self in their shoes. Or do they need to put them self’s in our shoes? btw, there is more of us (consumers), than them. You decide.

  32. There never will be flash player for iPod. Wake up people if u can download free flash games & apps how is apple going to make money from app store? Apple is same or worse than Microsoft monoploy. Hail Linux where everything is open and free.

  33. I want to play Playfish games on my iPod Touch. They all need Flash Player. I don’t care what the constraints or vulnerabilities are. Apple, please do something about it. SOON.

  34. You all are aware that APPLE does not allow the Flash Player on Ipod/Iphone because ADOBE is charging for an internet standard, and APPLE believes internet standards should be free, right?

  35. If id have known? I hear it a lot if only id have known b4 i that the device does not had support for flash in the included browser by Apple i would not have boughy the device. Plain and simple get it together guy’s. It’s in both Apple and Adobe best interist to get this onto the itouch and iphone ASAP otherwise someone else is going to pounce on this and really make a killing.

  36. I can’t play farmville on Facebook and I never go on the computer anymore so my farm always is left there dying with unused gifts, I can’t go on heaps of the stuff on the net cos of no flash player, you’ve gotten Adobe Photoshop Apple, why can’t you just spread your wings a lil further and get Adobe flash Player? Please it would be awesome, the iPod touch would be complete.

    Also I would love to see a feature that allows you to turn on dragging capabilities on a webpages for things like organising photos and sets on Flickr or ordering top 16’s on Bebo that would be awesome 🙂

  37. If one of Apple’s biggest concerns about flash player is the vulnerabilities, one could argue that Java has its’ fair share of backdoors & security concerns and yet the iPod touch suppots it natively. I just bought my new iPod touch recently with the new 3.1 software included and I was quite impressed with it until I discovered the apparent lack of flash player support built into Safari’s browser. If I had known about the lack of flash support prior to purchasing the iPod touch, it would not have stopped me from buying it, but it certainly lowers my opinion of this product considering I cand control the music player through voice control and I can do pretty amazing thing with the highly intuitive touch screen and yet I can’t play basic Facebook games because Apple Inc doesn’t have the balls to accept a little risk by providing software that would dratically enhace the ever growing internet experience. Unfortunately Apple Inc has a history of playing it safe. Most of the products and software they’ve released has been superior to the competition, however, because they prefer to take a more cautious stance they are often cast aside in favor of products that take more risk especially when it comes to trying to prevent music piracy. Geez, don’t even get me started on Apple’s iTunes software.

  38. I heard the main reason why we don’t have flash on our ipods/iphones is because apple want to charge adobe too much for the honour & yes apple would lose a fortune in app. sales.Let us decide. We bought the touch and phones. Have you not made enough profit as it is.

  39. I too would appreciate a legal free non-jailbreak version! Please let me know if you find one!

    Peace – Ipod Style. ;?)

  40. Yes pls, there are other emails I recieve with links to audio’s from Macromedia that cannot be opened up without flash. Part of the reason to spend the $$$ on a Touch is to have the ability to be mobile and listening to media other than music (or we buy a nano, or some equva.) . Sure would be nice folks to have the capacity to combine Apple w/ Adobe and get more of what we need out our Ipods!

  41. I got an iPod Touch 2g 32G for xmas and was blown away until I found out all of its limitations. Some of them are fix in the new release of the firmware (3.0 which I had to pay for). I would LOVE to see Apple and Adobe working together to create a FLASH PLAYER app. If it is reasonably priced, I’d pay to download it too! The number of sites using Flash now, to be with out a plugin just makes your browser redundant.

    By the way Ryan, you have to buy 3.0 via the app store in iTunes, but you must also update iTunes to version 8.2. That is how I had to do it.

  42. apparently you now CAN get flash on your ipod. i bought mine 2 days ago and it is CRUCIAL for me to flash. please someone tell me what i can do!!!!!

  43. Yes Mike, I agree with you. there are Tons of Awesome Flash Games in the Net, if iPod could support Flash, the we could play many games on Our iPod Touch. Might be apple afraid that people no longer buy any game apps on their Itunes store if they support Flash, Hehe.

  44. We really need a flash player not only to watch movies but also for the games. Game makers for the iPod touch could make eaysier games supporting flash player. OS 3.0 still no flash player.

  45. i need adobe flash player for my favorite thing on here besides myspace…
    i need it for Webkinz i wish there were just smart enough people to
    create such a wonderful, amazing, helpful technology system for a handheld
    device such as my ipod and many others who will also appreciate it.

  46. Man, as soon as this comes out, I’m going game frenzy on aq.com! I love that game. But I saw a YouTube video that ‘jail broken’ iPods can download it NOW! So why can’t we? The ones with the legal up- to- date iPods.

  47. Yes we need flash……..waiting. Why take so long with this?? It’s only going to make our ipod touches and iPhones BETTER!! (not that there not awesome already.)

  48. I have been tryin to watch movies and play online games but I can’t because I don’t have adobe flashplayer

  49. I just bought
    My iPod touch and I’m trying to watch movies for free because I don’t wanna pay 10.99for a movie and I’m going on all the online
    Movie websites and there is a blue bog and it has a symble on it like a question mark and I need flash player this is a big issue to me please world make flash player for the iPod touch

  50. I bought my iPod touch today, it works great! BUT I was a little disapointed when I found out that there`s no Flashplayer support. I would be very happy if you solved this problem. Then this gadget would be my best buy 2009 🙂

  51. Months, YEARS, OS updates, firmware updates come and go. Now we have 2.2.1. STILL no Flash Player for iPhone of iPod Touch… WARS come and go, PRESIDENTS come and go.. you know the rest…

    I never thought I’d say this, but it may take $teve Job$’ death by cancer to finally GIT ‘ER DONE!!

  52. Flash player definately has to be supported on iPod touch! A lot of things that I want to do with this expensive bag of chips but I can’t because there ain’t no flash player! Anyways I hope this happens to all iPod touches and iPhones in the next software update. It would make the web browser on the iPod even better.

  53. yup I would also like the idea that both the big A’s that is apple and adobe will launch flash player for iPod touch 2.1.1 . Pls we need it as it would help us to play games on net most of which need flash so pls apple and adobe pls help us

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