Apple Supplier Shuts Down Because Of Environmental Issues

Apple has had a lot of problems and issues encountered in the past. These include of course, the death of Steve Jobs, the numerous battles with different companies, as well as criticisms either on their pricing or on the way they handle things. However, Apple has recently talked to a number of environmentalists in China. They promised that they are going to do something about it, and yet after just a short while it seems that Apple has forgotten the promise that they have made.

If you can’t remember, here is a short recap. So basically, Apple sat down with different environmental groups to discuss the detrimental effect of the different factories that Apple has hired to make the supplies that make up different iDevices. These factories are all in China, and almost all of the communities near these factories have increased their probability of getting cancer. That’s how serious the problem already is. Apple was kind enough to sit down and hear all the complaints. They have also promised these groups that they will really look into these problems and do what they can to stop them from being environmental threats.

People all around the world, not only in China, expected so much from Apple of course. Issues regarding health and the environment are big right now, amidst the climate change and global warming. To tell the truth, the only way that Apple can control these factories is to threaten them to straighten up their issues regarding their storage of harsh chemicals among other environmental violations, or they’re going to replace them with other companies complying and following the rules. It cannot be denied though that up to a certain point, these factories have something against Apple as well. They have already signed contracts, they are already in tough deadlines, so changing factories would mean billions of dollars in jeopardy.

Apple Supplier Gets Shut Down

What Apple didn’t see though, is what’s coming for these factories. one of the factories are finally shut down. The factory was shut down by the government itself after a series of serious complaints regarding foul smells coming from the factory. This odor is a hazard to the health and well-being of the people who lives in that community, and the inhale it everyday.


This is one of Apple’s biggest suppliers of the casings that they use for different Apple gadgets and iDevices. Most likely, they would not be able to meet their deadlines anymore. It would also be pretty hard for Apple to look for a new supplier towards the end of the year. Apple would be able to cope after this that’s for sure, but this should serve as a warning not only for Apple but for the other factories in China. Their glory days are almost over and it’s pay back time for the people in China. In any case, if the people would not do something about it, and Apple would not do something about it, then Mother Nature would surely do something about it — and  we wouldn’t want that to happen do we?

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