Skip the iPhone 5 – Looking forward to iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone fans haven’t even acquainted themselves with iPhone 5 yet and news of iPhone 6 has entered their ears. In the current year 2011, iPhone 5 has made a huge impact. iPhone 5, which was announced to be launched this month, will be equipped with features like :

  1. Apple iphone 5 will have an 8.0 MP camera on the back panel.
  2. A unique voice recognition feature like never before with which you would be able to dictate notes and messages.
  3. A larger scratch resistant screen display will be offered than iPhone 4.
  4. It is rumored to have a ‘Novel’. Novel is a new feature added to the iPhone list, it is basically a projection system. Other android phones in the same category have implemented this idea but weren’t actually successful with it.
  5. It would carry a memory capability of 64 GB in comparison to 16 GB and 32 GB offered in the previous versions of iPhone.
  6. iPhone 5 promises better receptivity of signals. iPhone 4 had issues in this area. Now, Apple has promised to deliver best receptivity of signals than any smart phone of today.
  7. iPhone 5 will be the slimmest model in the series just like all the upcoming models are slimmer than their predecessor.
  8. A battery life of up to 14 hours of talk time on 3G and 7 hours on the 4G networks.
  9. There video chat option will be available on 4G network platform. It would be much faster and efficient than 3G platform.
  10. The A5 dual core processor offered in iPhone 5 promises outstanding video playback performance.
  11. It would have latest operating system iOS 5 which will again be much faster than previous operating system.

Apple has made sure to surprise their loyal fans with best technology. People were expecting a lot of things from iPhone 5, but the news of iPhone 6 beats any other surprise. Apple usually waits at least a year for unveiling a new breakthrough in the series. iPhone 6, the successor to the iPhone 5 which hasn’t yet lived with Apple fans would definitely have ‘Novel’ feature. The ‘novel’ feature which establishes an in built projection system, as predicted by many enthusiast. Its patent wasn’t filed on time to be incorporated in iPhone 5. Though there is a clear indication that iPhone 6 will have this feature. One can also subscribe to RSS feeds and know every move by follower pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Everyone can enjoy an interesting and hopeful rumor till any conformation from Apple Inc. iDevices have satisfied and intrigued their fans for a long time. Judging by the facts and features given, one can expect brilliance and excellence from Apple again. On discussion boards and forums, people are picturing their future iPhones with a 4+ inch display, a dual core 1.5 Ghz processor with around 2 GB of RAM, a 12 MP camera with a front 5 MP camera and storage of above 64 GB. But let’s wait and see what is stored in iStore for iFans.

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