When Does the New iPhone Come Out

When Does the New iPhone Come Outwww.applerepo.com,  One rumor suggest that in the month of September 2015 will be the iPhone 6S release. Some reports also say that Apple will be releasing new models twice a year, to keep up with the fast growth and improvement from rivals such as Korea’s Samsung, China’s HTC, Japan’s Sony and more. So When Does the New iPhone Come Out?

That In fact the arrival of the new iPhone 6 will be in spring 2015 alongside the Apple Watch, has been released on the 24th of April. But when the big tech’s Spring Forward event came there was no declaration of a new iDevice to join the Apple Watch. In fact, the chance of an early launch of the iPhone 6s release date is highly unlikely to happen based on news that it won’t be going into production next month.Rumor has it that the company has already purchased camera sensors from Sony for the iPhone 6C, signifying that it will soon be launched.Also with the news that Samsung’s A9 processor is likely to be embedded in the iPhone 6S, so all of the iPhone 6S/7 models could be on the go this September.

when does the new iphone come out

Design and specs of the iPhone 6S

After the release of the 5S and 5C, iPhone again has introduce 2 new iPhones. On the market are the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Obviously, most things will be likely to to stay the same in terms of design and specs of the “6S” iDevice. Like the other S’s, there will be some few adjustments and Apple will save major changes for the iPhone 7.

It is likely then that the iPhone 6S’s exterior design will be the same as the current iPhone 6 that of course come in the same colour options. One small change might be on the weight of the phone. Still, an S model would have the same 4.7” screen size or resolutions might change to a 5” display.

Design and Specs of the iPhone 7

News about the iPhone 7’s camera suggest that it could share an important improvement over the camera found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In fact, the new camera miniaturization technology called “a light splitter cube” could be the biggest camera jump in the history of the iPhone. This is actually more exciting than it sounds. The rumored Force Touch screen on the iPhone 6S could strongly suggest that the iPhone 7 could be much more than what’s expected.

When Does the New iPhone Come Out Rumors say that Apple supply chain partner TPK is working on a project that that lets device not require glasses to see. According to Economic Daily News the iPhone 7 could have a 3D screen.

Another interesting rumor is that the iPhone 7 would have a voice unlocking system?

This story just might be true, but this will require Apple to research and develop new technology. Still, this might something be worth having on an iPhone.


When Does the New iPhone Come Out Reports from 9to5mac, reviewer for Apple products, says that Apple will openly try out its next OS through a beta system this summer. They will allow users to sign up and access the beta programme for its iOS 9.

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