Apple to Launch iAd Service in UK and Europe

As some of you might already know, one of the things that have been a huge success for Apple in the United States is their iAd service. This is basically a service that Apple invented which allows companies to advertise in a unique way on their mobile devices. Currently, the iAd service is only available for companies to advertise in the United States but Apple is now set to launch the service in the UK and various parts of Europe this December.

Apple is set to release the iAd service in the UK next month and will follow this shortly by releasing the iAd service in the rest of Europe. Countries including the UK, Germany and France will be the first to get the service. Apple has already signed up some pretty big names to advertise on their service when it is launched including Renault, Louis Vuitton, LG Display, Unilever and Nespresso.

Since the launch of the Apple iAd service in the United States, Apple has actually said that they have already signed over half of the 25 leading US national advertisers to the iAd service. This is expected to be replicated in the UK and Europe once released. Apple has also predicted that they will have a 21% share in the United States mobile display advertising revenue for 2010. They have said that in four months they have actually doubled the number of advertisers on the network.

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