Google Voice Application Guide on the iPhone

Are your Looking guides on how to use your Google Voice? Well this page is for you!

Google opened the Google Voice for all today. Although there is still no dedicated application for the iPhone, do not let that stop you. So here are the guides to use Google Voice with iPhone.

You can send and receive text messages on your iPhone for free. Call and save money on international calls. Enjoy a full list of features they already know and love Google Voice App for iPhone. Perfect for Google Voice in motion, and for free.

Users of Google Voice on the iPhone app can set the default number, control parameters, send text messages, voice messages and calls. Google Voice app is a very comprehensive and well thought out for the iPhone gives unparalleled access to the Google Voice of the iPhone.

Voice installing Google software is incredibly simple and requires no downloads. Google Voice is easily accessible and rapidly charge the iPhone. Google Voice interface is completely touch-based and extremely easy to navigate.

With Google Voice app is pretty simple thanks to the clever design of Google. Google iPhone App voice is a web application for iPhone that will provide full access to Google services speak for the owners of Google Accounts Voice. All the main features of Google Voice is available in the Google App iPhone Voice.

Using the Google Voice iPhone App

  1. Navigate to Google Voice. Open Safari on the iPhone and navigate to “”. This will open the homepage of the Google Voice iPhone app.
  2. Login to Google Voice. Using your Google Voice username and password login to Google Voice.
  3. Install the Google Voice iPhone app. Tap the “+” icon in Safari and select “Add to home screen” to install the Google Voice iPhone app. Notice the new icon for Google Voice on the home screen. Use this icon to access Google Voice directly.
  4. Set default number. Set the default number to call when prompted by Google Voice. If you do not use the calling feature or only have one number you may not be prompted for this step. Simply skip this step if not prompted by the Google Voice iPhone app.
  5. Send and read SMS. Select Text from the drop-down navigation box in the Google Voice. Read any text messages in the inbox by simple clicking on them inside the Google Voice. Send a text message from the Google Voice iPhone app by selecting the notepad and pencil icon to write a new SMS. Enter a phone number or select a contact by selecting “Choose contact”. Write your message and press send to send the SMS message.
  6. Place a call. Choose the number-pad icon on the navigation bar in the Google Voice iPhone app. Enter the number and press call to initiate the call.
  7. Edit settings. Edit settings in Google Voice by selecting the wrench icon. Choose “General”, “Phones”, “Do not disturb” or any of the other settings to make modifications.

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  1. There IS a dedicated Google Voice app for the iPhone. Matter of fact there is more than one. Made by Google and third party developer. Go to the app store.

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