Apple – Motorola War Is Finished

Wow, Apple has been working really hard these past few weeks conquering its enemies one by one, don’t you think? As you might remember in our last post, Apple has already indirectly and informally won already its war against Adobe’s Flash, right? aside from that, we are all aware that Apple and Samsung are not the best of friends as well. Adobe and Samsung are not the only ones that Apple is at “war” with. Maybe if you’re already a giant in the business it just follows that your enemies would multiply as well.

Apple Vs. Motorola

Aside from being its competitor, Apple is also not friends with other companies that have released tablets, because until now, Apple believes that these companies owe them big time when it comes to royalty and originality. Anyway, one of the companies that Apple might declare truce with is Motorola. Is the Apple Vs. Motorola war finished? Read on to find out.

As it turns out, because of the sudden turn of events, the Apple and Motorola war has suddenly been indefinitely postponed. Just recently, Google has acquired Motorola and has taken  the company under its wing; hence the nickname, Googorola deal. With this, it would soon follow that Motorola would lose its control over its operations as compared to before.

Googorola Logo

Apple is suing Motorola against Moto’s alleged stealing of the iPad’s patent. It would be safe to say that Apple is on the winning side, however, the Googorola deal changed the table. Motorola suddenly lost all its power, and while Apple could actually take advantage with this sudden change of cards, they could also lose their credibility at attacking a company that is technically not a company anymore.

Now, what does Apple do? Apple postpones the entire war of course. Claiming that Motorola lost its “standing”, and if they would even consider pursuing their lawsuits against them, these attempts would be victorious, but it would look like attacking the enemy while its still weak.

Apple is not the company that works that way. That’s why Apple has already been the one that called it off. Motorola technically hasn’t answered back yet; hence the courts are still waiting for the formal settlement between the two companies.

Bottom line, it is just very unfortunate for Apple because they have been put in a lose-lose situation. If this hasn’t been the case, Apple could’ve most likely won the battle; like all their other battles. Apple is in a lose-lose situation because no matter what they’ll do, they’re still going to lose something one way or another.

If they turn back, like what they’re doing now, Motorola isn’t going to pay for their damages, if there are any. If they still pursue the case and Motorola wins, then they lose the case. They are the ones that are going to pay for the damages that they have caused Motorola. If Apple wins, during this time, again, as already mentioned, they’re going to lose their credibility because they have took advantage of Motorola’s weakness.

For Apple to win this war without fail, Motorola should get back at its feet, and continue its battle with Apple, where Apple could win fair and square.

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