3 Reasons to Buy IPhone 7S

Reasons to Buy IPhone 7S in 2017 – AppleRepo.com,  As the debate rages how inventive Apple iPhone 7S is, the real question remain is it worth your dollars? Its new features and shiny things are stimulating, but Apple hasn’t broken new grounds and not moved away from their preceding thriving iPhone version 6S, which is great, if you are attached to the unique idea of Apple stuff.

For Apple iPhone 7S, it is worth remembering two key points: first, this is the S range, which is characteristically the marginal update before the next iPhone reinvention in terms of design and looks. And, the second thing Apple’s implementation of its new features still remains a cut above the rest of the top smartphone manufacturers.

The synchronization between software and hardware is still exclusively Apple, a primary reason for its attractiveness. But, as a user, we look at the features, and it will surely not let you down. Browse till the end to know the top three reasons to Buy iPhone 7S in 2017:

Top Reasons to get an iPhone 7S in 2017

High-performance camera

Do you love capturing your special moments with a click? Yes, then this version of Apple iPhone will surely strike a chord with a photographer within you. While sticking with the 12 MP, iPhone 7S is wider F/1.8 in aperture, means it can capture brighter pictures, as the sensor allows more light in, and to be précised 50% as per the Apple officials.

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Plus, there are many unique and user-catchy camera features such a faster shutter speed (better than the faster iPhone 6S), enhanced color reproduction. And, not to miss the optimal image stabilization feature, which makes it worth a smartphone for photographing enthusiast.

However, the most striking or the influencing aspect about the camera is the AI-powered image signal processor, which can distinguish scenes and objects in a picture, and correct the camera focus and settings accordingly.

Water resistant

Apple, finally terms this iPhone version water resistant (Apple 6 and 6S too were water resistant, but was never officially claimed). The IP rating 68 of iPhone 7S is worth mentioning as positive aspect. What does that means? This iPhone model will survive submersion in water up to 1 meter for half an hour. Plus, this rating also means fortification from contact with harmful dust.

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However, a word of advice before submerging your iPhone 7s in water; yes, it is truly acclaimed that it’s water resistant, but that doesn’t mean salt water too.  Taking your smartphone underwater for some adventure grabs is the most common mistake owners of “waterproof” cell phone makes. Since, the salt can corrode the sealing or the coating protecting the precious inner mechanics of a smartphone, therefore, staying away from such adventurous stuff is better option!

Increased battery size

To introduce Taptic Engine, which powers the 3D touch feature, Apple made a significant reduction in the battery size in earlier version iPhone 6s. But, for iPhone 7S, apple followed a different approach of increasing the battery space by axing the headphone jack, 14% more space to be exact, means 1955mAh overall.

At last, all the above three reasons are exciting, and worth consideration, if you are in a dilemma whether to get it or not?  But, one thing that’s indispensable for all Apple phones is to have original iPhone 7 accessories for better and long life of your electronic gadget.

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