iPod Headed for The Grave!

Apple Inc. has two contradictory thoughts. They announced that all ipods are in nosedive and on the other hand they announced that New Ipod Nano is going to be released (now has been released by Apple.com) with the additional feature of Camera. There arise many questions in the electronic market that is this feature necessary for Nano? is The iPod Headed for the Grave? People who argued that this feature is not necessary have many supportive reasons.

This iPod Nano already has many features unknown to every user and also many features of this device seems to be of no use. The most common feature that is available like this is the calendars. Not even few people seem to store in calendars and contacts. With the addition of the new feature like camera the mystery will found in this ipod will increase the mysteries further.

Nowadays many people are found to use iphone 3G or iPhone 3Gs which has the memory capacity of about 32GB. This almost met the requirement of the ipod lovers. This capacity is quite enough for the users to store all the songs and videos they needed. This makes their ipod to take rest at their home. In this situation this 160GB ipods are of no value since this much capacity is not required by most of the people.

The thing that Apple Inc should do is that to reduce the price of its ipods. Some other manufacturers of ipod like Sandisk provide an ipod with the capacity of 8GB for almost less than $100. This makes the necessity for this apple Inc to reduce the price of its product first rather than adding some more unnecessary features to it, and No more question from ipod Lovers about iPod headed for the Grave!.

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