How to Take a Screenshot with the iPod Touch

No, the iPod Touch doesn’t have a camera built into it so you won’t be able to point and shoot at just any old image that you want a snapshot of. But, there is one way to take pictures on the iPod Touch and that’s by using the screenshot feature.

Lots of people might already know about the screenshot feature on the iPod Touch, but many more people probably don’t. That’s because it’s a feature that Apple included with the Touch but didn’t really promote all that much. (Probably because there are so many other features they were able to rave about!) Taking a screenshot with your iPod Touch is actually very simple. All you have to do is press the Home button and the Sleep button at the same time. You only need to press it for a second or two, and as soon as you do, you’ll hear a “click” like from a camera. Once you’ve taken a screenshot with your iPod Touch, you can easily retrieve it just by going to your saved photos. It will be right there waiting for you!

So why exactly would you want to take a screenshot of your iPod Touch? Well for starters, you might need to if you’re having a problem with your iPod Touch and need to contact Apple about it. Before you rush off and send them your broken Touch, oftentimes they’ll just want you to take a screenshot and email it their customer support department. Or, maybe you just stumbled upon something really cool on the Internet and want to show it to your friends. There are lots of reasons you might want to take a screenshot of your iPod Touch. But here’s one really sneaky one…

Take a screenshot of your iPod Touch’s home screen. Then pull it up out of your saved photos and hand it over to your techie friend. Ask him if he can figure out what’s wrong with your iPod Touch and have a lot of fun watching him scratch his head in confusion!

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