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On November 21, Apple launched a new update, version 2.2, to the iPhone and iPod touch. Previously, iPhone fans had been complaining about a number of stability and usability issues. Apple had been working on the upgrade for some time, but was finally able to make it happen shortly before Christmas. As a result they made a whole new set of IPhone 2.2 applications available while also offering a series of bug fixes, software upgrades, and compatibility fixes for current iPhone applications. Although the iPhone was already impressive with version 2.1, version 2.2 is sure to please the legions of fans hanging on every iPhone update.

The first of the iPhone 2.2 applications to get some work was Google Maps, which is more of a flagship product than anything else. People had been waiting for iPhone to offer Google Maps and the wait was definitely worth it. Some of the features include Google Street View, Google Accelerometer, and Google walking directions. You can email your location to friends, which is a handy feature on its own, as well as use the iPhone to give you public transportation directions and the respective fairs associated with that transit. As possibly the most impressive of the iPhone 2.2 applications, Apple has without a doubt implemented a handy and worthwhile feature.

Apple also integrated with on the fly podcast downloads so that you don’t have to wait until you get home to get the latest updates from your favorite podcast. There are a few features that are not available, such as creating new subscriptions, but at least it is a step in the right direction. There is also still a 10MB cap for network music and podcast downloads, but this can be fixed by finding a Wi-Fi access point. Although it can be frustrating to have to constantly switch between network and Wi-Fi, since users have been asking for any additional iTunes functionality possible, and now that it was released in the iPhone 2.2 applications upgrade, they should at least be somewhat satisfied.

Another upgrade made possible by the iPhone 2.2 applications pack, is the Safari re-design, which boasts increased quickness and usability. Cut and paste is still not available yet, but at least the phone runs cleaner when surfing the web.

iPhone Version 2.2 also boasts improved in-call setup, decreased dropped calls, and improved email reliability. Although some people are still complaining about the service quality and html email issues, iPhone at least made an attempt to solve them and as we know fixing every single bug can take time to do. A few more simple, yet helpful upgrades are that you can also get to the first home menu screen by pressing home from any menu and you can also turn off auto-correct via the menu settings. Although I happened to like auto-correct, it can cause issues when I am trying to use my own lingo. Although nothing is perfect, the iPhone 2.2 applications pack and software upgrade is at least a step in the right direction.

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